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Breakfast Menu

The Bennies
Two poached eggs, English Muffin, hollandaise sauce, fried potatoes

West Coast, smoked salmon
Traditional, back bacon
Vegetarian, spinach and arugula

The Waffles
House made Belgian style batter, Quebec maple syrup

Bacon Waffle and Benny
Bacon battered waffle, two poached eggs, hollandaise, grape tomato

Berry Waffles
Berry compote, whipped cream
Rockwater Breakfast
Two free range eggs, choice of back bacon, maple pork sausages or maple bacon, fried potato, toast

Granola and Yogurt parfait
Granola, vanilla yogurt, mixed berry compote

Broiled grapefruit & Bagel
Caramelized a half grapefruit, bagel with cream cheese

Ham & Smoked Cheddar Cheese Omelet
Fried potatoes, toast

Vegetarian Omelet
Feta cheese, basil, tomato, fried potatoes, toast


A La Carte Beverages
Cold cereal with milk
House cured maple-smoked bacon
Pork sausage
Fried potato
The T loose tea selections
Fresh brewed coffee