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Dive the Sunshine Coast

Whether diving from the dock at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, chartering a trip with one of the Sunshine Coast's experienced dive guides or heading to the famous HMSC Chaudiere Artificial Reef Site, Rockwater Resort is an ideal base.

There are so many good reasons to Dive the Sunshine Coast:
  • Incredible visibility year round.
  • Crystal clean, unpolluted waters
  • Colourful and abundant marine life
  • All-weather diving with sheltered waters
  • Dive sites for all levels of diving experience
  • Shore and boat dives
  • Home of the HMCS Chaudiere Artificial Reef Site
  • Safety-oriented, friendly dive operators
The most popular dive spot on the Sunshine Coast is the Skookumchuck Rapids. "Skookum" means strong, and "chuck" means waters. This is a trip for experienced divers only.

The dive is popular due to the amount of growth from the tidal exchange and oxygen content - the marine life includes anemones, rose stars, rock fish, kelp greenlings and, sometimes, Puget Sound king crabs. The best way to dive the rapids is on a charter - most local operators have hundreds of hours of experience diving the Skookumchuck.

Less experienced divers might want to take a crack at the Tzoonie Narrows. The tidal stream here is only three to four knots. Marine life includes sea lemons, ling cod, kelp greenlings, silvery pile perch, wolf eels and even decorated warbonnets with spikes on their heads. Tzoonie is also a popular night-diving spot.

The 366' foot HMCS Chaudiere was scuttled on December 5 1992 by the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia to make a habitat for marine life and a place for divers to play on an otherwise featureless bottom. Commissioned as a destroyer escort and submarine hunter in 1959, the Chaudiere now lays on her port side with the top of the ship 60-90 feet deep.

Although wreck "penetration" requires extra training and experience, the ship has been cleaned and prepared with the safety of divers in mind. Volunteers marked directions on the inside walls of the Chaudiere prior to its sinking in order to aid future divers in navigating through its interior.

Close to Kunechin Point on the north end of the Sechelt Inlet, one of the best dives you'll ever have in the northwest is diving on the Chaudiere in the winter. After descending a few feet below the surface on one of the ship's three mooring lines, the entire ship comes into view. One can only stop and admire in awe at the unbelievable winter visibility and their ability to view the entire ship, from one end to another, before continuing down to it.

The Sunshine Coast Most Popular Dives

Georgia Strait Side

White Islets:
Large barren rocks whose underside are covered with sea life and resident octopus, often seals and sea lions for dive buddies

Trail Islands:
Easy wall dives, octopus, beautiful underwater gardens

Agamemnon Channel:
Pristine waters, deeps walls with gorgonian red corals

Sechelt Inlet Side

Skookumchuck Narrows:
Most sought-after drift dive on the coast, abundant sea life due to high tidal exchange. This dive only available during slack tides

Tzoonie Narrows:
Almost always divable, similar to Skookumchuck

HMS Chaudiere:
Artificial reef, 350' destroyer sunk in 1992, approaching 10 years of marine growth, huge resident ling cod

Carlson Point:
Deep walls and ledges, known for nudibranchs, octopus and wolf eel

Piper Point:
Wall dive, huge plumose anemones, octopus and wolf eel

Power Lines:
Deep walls and ledges, beautiful dive, octopus, wolf eel, cloud sponges and a number of six-gill shark sightings (unknown before)

Shore Dives

Trail Bay:
Off beach in front of Sechelt, treasure hunt for antique bottles, china and general collectibles from Union Steamship Dock days, fun and easy

Coopers Green:
Easy entry, diver-friendly park, lots of nudibranch, wolf eel, anemones and resident octopus

Martin's Cove:
Secluded cove with deep wall, beautiful sea life with wolf eel, octopus and nudibranchs

Small island close to shore, mix of walls and small reefs, wolf eels, lots of anemones and sea life

We are proud of our dedicated and experienced dive charter companies on the Sunshine Coast.