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seventeensounds: Rockwater Secret Cove Resort Sunshine Coast B.C.

Tenthouse SuiteI am a bath person. I must confess that I would rather take a bath than make love, eat, shop or exercise. When in a good hot bath, I don’t read, I don’t think, I don’t even wash. I meditate. It is the only place in the world — besides perhaps the top of a mountain which I have just climbed — where I can turn off my never ending self examination and just sit. Or lie, as it may be.

I have just had, hands down, the best bath of my life. It’s early morning, my boyfriend’s still asleep, just a messy clump of little boy brown hair sticks out from under the white billowy blankets. I saw my chance for some water-solitude and snuck out of bed at a quarter to seven. Finally, the tub to myself....

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Vancouver View: Get Away ~ Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

When Doug DeYagher needs new fodder for a publicity piece about Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, he looks to the guest book.

“People write pages and pages, entire poems even, after staying with us for only a couple of days,” says DeYagher, manager of sales and marketing for the resort, which is located in Halfmoon Bay on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast. “They come up here with one idea of what it’s going to be like and leave with another. One minute you’re in downtown Vancouver and 45 minutes later [by floatplane and chartered coach], you’re launched into nature—no TV, just sparkling ocean in front of you and miles of forest behind you and… it’s a very spiritual experience.”

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Welcome to the latest series of Super, Neighbours blog posts where we highlight incredible travel destinations in British Columbia!

For this latest excursion (which we’ll be serving up in 5 parts) we headed over to Rockwater Secret Cove Resort near Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. “We” being my wife and I, as we were invited to spend a romantic weekend at the resort in one of their tenthouse suites. More about that in a later post, so please prepare yourself as it’s totally going to blow your mind.

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Wanderlust and Lipstick: Rockwater Secret Cove Resort ~ At Rest in the Mythical Forest

There’s a scene in the pilot of the recently-aired Battlestar Galactica remake where two characters are in a room filled with windows framing the most incredible coastal view. It’s the fictional planet of Caprica, an idyllic land about to bear the brunt of the evil Cylons. Their intense dialogue is crucial to the plot of the series, but I had a hard time catching the important details. I could never get past the jaw-dropping scenery outside those windows. It was mesmerizing and it stuck in my mind. Where is that? I kept wondering. I want to go there.

That was filmed on BC’s Sunshine Coast...

When I arrived at my tenthouse suite at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on B.C.’s Halfmoon Bay, I was in total awe. The settings was just as spectacular as it had looked when I drooled over their website.

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Hate the word, love the concept. Glamping, a combination of the words glamorous and camping, is my new favorite way to travel. It’s not cheap, not like real camping. But then again, you don’t have to set up the tent, cook over an open fire, clean up the dirty dishes and find a way to relieve yourself without making a mess in the woods...

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Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magaizine lists Rockwater Secret Cove Resort at #2 in their resent article "Top 10 hideaways by the sea"

This ragged stretch of the Sunshine Coast is so unspoiled and awe-inspiring, it's sometimes hard to imagine that anyone but a bald eagle or two has been here before you...

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Nuvo Magazine

Only a 30-minute floatplane ride (or a 90-minute drive and ferry ride) from Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia encompasses 86 scenic kilometres of beautiful beaches, quiet forests, and small, colourful communities. And it’s here, just north of the town of Sechelt, that you’ll find Rockwater Secret Cove Resort.

It is secluded as its name sounds. Located in aptly named Secret Cove, the resort comprises 38 rooms. There are the usual hotel rooms. There are a few cabins. And then there are the Tenthouse Suites...

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New York Times: Basking in the Sunshine Coast

It’s a summer afternoon along the rugged, rocky Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, just two hours northwest of Vancouver, and my friend Courtney and I have just cruised into a place called Secret Cove. In truth, it does feel like a secret. As we nimbly paddle our sea kayaks from bay to bay and navigate around little islands and inlets, the closest we come to encountering other people is the occasional far-off sailboat sighting. A bald eagle swoops into the dense green trees to our left; to our right, a gull wrestles with a fish in a tangle of seaweed. As I run my paddle through the silvery blue water, I feel that each swell has a weight to it, the sheen like the back of a whale. The surface gleams like liquid hematite.

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Magazine: National Geographic Adventure

It is hard to decide on the most compelling reason to stay at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on BC's Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver: the luxe canvas "tenthouse suite" — replete with ocean-view bath tub, heated slate floor, and private dock overlooking the shoreline — or the opportunity to paddle three miles out to Thormanby Island under a full moon for a multi-course repast, cooked on the spot by the resort's chef.

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Gourmet Moonlight Kayak Lures Adventurous Paddlers

HALFMOON BAY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: If paddling your kayak by moonlight to a sumptuous dinner on a remote island sounds too idyllic to be true, think again. At Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, on BC’s Sunshine Coast, the two-night Moonlight Paddle on Halfmoon Bay will lure those with an adventurous spirit and a love of romance ....

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