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Rockwater Resort selected as one of the
World’s top 12 Dream Destinations

Teldon Media Group has selected the Sunshine Coast’s Rockwater Resort as one of the world’s 12 top Dream Destinations for 2013. Featured in Teldon’s Prestige line of wall calendars, Rockwater Resort lines up with world famous destinations such as Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and The Al Qasr Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Chosen as the only representative from North America, the publishers remarked that Rockwater was the sort of unique destination that characterizes the other resorts in their top 12 list. Astounding location, pristine environment, natural beauty and a unique experience were considerations in making the choice. “Rockwater is a wonderful, high profile west coast resort that fit our criteria very well,” said a Teldon spokesperson.

“We are delighted and honoured to have been selected for the Dream Destinations list,” said general manager Dikran Zabunyan. “To be placed in such illustrious company is also a testament to the amazing staff and excellent service we have at Rockwater. We are especially pleased to have brought our region the sort of recognition it richly deserves. There is no better place to relax and enjoy the west coast experience than here on the Sunshine Coast.”
The Dream Destinations list is the 2nd annual compilation of this commendation. Each year, Teldon researches the top resorts from around the world and judges the candidates on their excellence of experience, diverse geographic and cultural settings as well as their reputations. The 2013 dream list comprises resorts from Malaysia, Dubai, Barbados, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, UK, India, Denmark, France, Spain and Canada.

Dikran Zabunyan
Halfmoon Bay, BC