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We are pleased to offer the services of some of the most gifted technicians here on the Sunshine Coast. Booking prior to arrival is advisable.


Bliss Massage

Bliss Massage- light to medium- Whether one is new to massage, requires a lighter touch, or just wishes to relax, our bliss massage will leave you feeling relaxed & blissful.
  • 60 minutes $ 120

Ancient Ayurvedic Massage

This is a luxurious healing massage. Warm sesame oil is used to nourish the skin and soothe the joints. Special attention is given to the face and scalp. This massage works primarily on the nervous system. Detoxifying and balancing.

  • 60 minutes $ 130

The Rockwater Signature Massage

Medium to firm- This acclaimed massage is for those looking for more purpose with their pleasure. This full body massage promotes healing, and a sense of well being.
  • 60 minutes $ 145
  • 90 minutes $ 175

Rejuvenation Royal

Firm- This massage is designed to address accumulated aches and pains. Special attention is given to your problem areas. The ultimate for releasing tension & to promote relaxation.
  • 60 minutes $ 165
  • 90 minutes $ 195

Thai Massage:

Thai yoga massage incorporates rhythmic motion, palming & thumbing along energy lines. The practitioner uses hands, feet, arms & legs to gently guide you into various yoga postures. You truly have to experience the freedom and lasting effects days after this massage. Please wear non- constricting workout clothing.

Towel and mat supplied. Thai is the only massage that is not performed in tandem.
  • 60 minutes $ 130
  • 90 minutes $ 160