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Employment Opportunities

Rockwater ServerJoin the hospitality team at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Rockwater offers our team members competitive wages, great benefits and on a "limited basis" living accommodations.

If your goal is to expand your professional horizons, Rockwater offers an engaging learning environment, where we focus on providing excellent training and development from a team of hospitality leaders.

The Sunshine Coast is a wonderful place to live and work. Outdoor adventures abound, beautiful scenery, quaint coastal towns and wonderful communities. More information about the Sunshine Coast

Rockwater Secret Cove Resort is getting ready for our busy season. Currently, we have a number of part-time and full-time positions available. If you are looking for a fantastic work experience, please apply to any of the positions listed below.

Food and Beverage Server
Guest Service Agent
House Keeper
Maintenance staff

Please send your resume and letter of intent to:

Email: Wendy Lai :
Fax: 604.885.7036

Team Testimonials

Deanna, Kevin & Karen:
I can't say thank you enough for allowing me to work here this summer. I have not meet many people who work as hard and honestly as you three. I have been inspired by your passion and pride not only what you do but how you live. Thank you for welcoming me to Rockwater family, a family I could not be happier to be part of. I will be back soon, and have not one poor memory of this place. Please leave these jellybeans out for the staff, as they represent every happy memory here.
Thank you, Kristiana - Guest Service Agent - Summer 2009

You are the number one person we have to thank this summer. By giving us these jobs, we've been able to experience and one of the best summers of our lives. Thank you for always bringing a huge smile to our face every time we saw you and being a great boss. We are going to miss you so much Kevin, but it's not good-bye, since you are hiring us next summer! Love, your most favourite summer employees
Leanna & Grace - Room Attendants - Summer 2009

Hello, Kevin, Deanna, Levis and the rest of the Rockwater staff
I just wanted to thank you for such a great summer experience and especially Kevin and Deanna for helping me find a full-time job this summer (you two are the hardest working people I know!!). It was great to finally find a job that was in business and allowed me to see what the tourism industry has to offer at such a high class resort. Levis, you and I were a good team at shutting down the after parties haha and I will miss you too. All the servers and GSA helped me out a lot during my first few days on my own (especially Ivan, Brett and Jenna).  Lastly I want to thank the maintenance and wedding crew for all the time I spent with them setting up for the banquets and weddings.
Kind Regards Justin - Summer 2009

Kevin, Deanna, Levi and Rockwater Staff,
Due to my sudden departure I didn't get the chance to properly say goodbye to everyone as I had wanted to, and I wasn't able to thank everyone as necessary. I wanted to thank everyone at the Rockwater for the incredible experience that I had this summer! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to prove myself as a member of a dedicated, hard-working team and for providing me with the means to be successful in the industry. Because of the experience that I got working at Rockwater I will now be able not only to continue in the industry, but also to fund my university studies which was my goal all along.

During the three months I was there I have met some incredible people whom I will always remember and stay in contact with (I hope!). I will never forget how everyone helped me out and guided me throughout the summer!

To all the serving staff: I have never had so much fun at a job as I have with all of you! Letting lose in the servery, joking around to try and relieve the stress, helping each other out with our has always been an honour to be part of such an excellent team, thank you for all your help and training experiences! To the banquet team: I don't know if I will ever be able to go to another wedding, after all of the ones we did this summer, but serving with you has been one of the most fun working experiences yet! Levi: I don't know how to even begin to describe how lucky I was to have you as my boss; I am honoured that you gave me the benefit of the doubt, and I am ecstatic that I proved to you what a dedicated worker I can be. Your patience and experience have brought me from the nervous wreck I was on my first shifts to the confident, skilled server I am now. Thank you once again for the opportunity, it has changed my life.

Finally, to everyone that I have not mentioned, I just wanted to let you know that I have had one of the best summers of my life working (and playing!) with you. I hope that we can stay in touch (find me on Facebook if you'd like), and if not I hope that your experience with the Rockwater is as fulfilling as mine was!
All the best to Everyone! Liana

Kevin &  Deanna:
We can't thank you enough for the amazing summer we've had at Rockwater - in & outside of the workplace. We couldn't of asked for a better team to work with at Rockwater & hope all future experiences can reflect the one we've had here. You guys have been extremely understanding, accommodating & empathetic in every way possible to ensure happiness. We thank you for being such hands on management team by allowing us to experience working in other departments, this will definitely  be a strong asset for our future endeavours. Outside of the work place, we could not have asked for a more beautiful place to enjoy our summer. Thank you for making our first experience in BC so memorable.
Warm regards, Jessica & Jessie - Summer 2009

Hey Kevin!
Hope all is well in B.C. and that the rest of the summer season went well! I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for Mary-Elizabeth and I this summer! We had a blast out there and really enjoyed the positive work environment!
Thanks again for everything! Lori